Biological, chemical mosquito control

Biological, chemical mosquito control

Biological control methods against mosquito larvae offer the most promising alternative to chemical insecticides. The significant advantage of using Bti-based products lies in their highly selective impact on certain dipteran larvae, especially those of biting midges.

Introducing the service

When properly applied, it can achieve almost 100% effectiveness, representing a major advancement over previous technologies. Unlike traditional methods, it is not dependent on the time of day and can be applied at any time, even in extreme weather conditions.

The application of biological control is carried out by helicopter using a specially developed fly-tip sprayer. This technology, equipped with GPS positioning and a mosquito map, autonomously delivers the required dose to the targeted area without the need for a pilot.

This innovative approach ensures the most economical control by avoiding unnecessary spraying.

Biological control, performed twice a year, is much more cost-effective than conventional chemical insecticides, which require repeated applications 4-5 times a year. The technological solution we've developed makes the application of the biological agent easy and efficient.

Benefits without Risks Include:

  • The new substance exerts its biological effect continuously, even for several days.
  • It can be applied independently of weather and time of day.
  • Composed only of environmentally friendly ingredients, with no usage restrictions.
  • Non-polluting and non-volatile in production and storage.
  • Easy to transport, can be stored for extended periods, and is not sensitive to storage conditions.

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