Extreme helicopter aerobatics

Extreme helicopter aerobatics

Service fee: 59.000.- HUF / person
Duration: 8-10 minutes

Are you looking for an adventure in real 3D? Would you like to give something truly special to your loved ones? Break away from the gray weekdays and join us for an EXTREME helicopter experience, where a dizzying speed, acrobatic elements, and a breathtaking panorama await you for a lifelong memory!

Introducing the service

The entire program lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours, during which you can get to know our team and gain insight into our airport life, which has captivated our hearts! An extraordinary world awaits you, filled with interesting stories and a real adrenaline bomb experience!

After a brief introduction and preparation, the extreme adventure begins, where our guests can fly for 8-10 minutes in teams of 5 with HeliForce's chief pilot, Lajos Imreh, known as "Lujó."

Lujó is one of the most experienced helicopter pilots in the country, and few in the world can perform the breathtaking maneuvers that he does with the Mi-2 helicopter—often defying the laws of physics. With over 50 years of flying experience, he has accumulated a total of 18,700 hours in the air, equivalent to spending almost 2 years continuously airborne! He conducts spectacular and extreme helicopter aerobatic shows at domestic and international airshows, embellished with pyrotechnic elements. Additionally, he is an instructor and test pilot, ensuring your complete safety.

Our Mi-2 helicopter is an icon of Hungarian aviation, equipped with 2 gas turbine engines, weighing nearly 2.5 tons, and reaching a maximum speed of 220 km/h. You can read more about its technical parameters and history in the "Fleet" section.

After the flight, you'll have the opportunity to take photos together over coffee, soft drinks, and snacks, discussing the experiences. We warmly welcome your family members, including children, to join the program.


Guests for extreme helicopter aerobatics/helicopter bungee jumping are received at the airport on Saturdays. For larger groups, corporate team-building events, we can also accommodate - upon prior arrangement - on weekdays. Our programs are always subject to weather conditions, so we reserve the right to modify the schedule if necessary.


We'll meet at Balatonfőkajár Airport, where the adrenaline bombs are already prepared!


If you'd like to gift this bucket-list experience to your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or even enemies, we gladly welcome them!


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