Our company offers services in various areas of aviation, whether it's transportation, agricultural tasks, or leisure. In our fleet, you can find two special vehicles: a Mil Mi-2 helicopter, ideal for smaller transport tasks and quick maneuvers; and a Zlín Z–142 airplane, perfect for longer distances or other general-purpose missions. Both of our aircraft provide guaranteed safe and reliable services.



Mil Mi-2 helicopter >>>

The Mi–2 is a light, multi-purpose helicopter developed by the Moscow Mil Design Bureau in the early 1960s. Its serial production took place exclusively in Poland at the WSK 'PZL–Świdnik' aircraft factory. Primarily designed for civilian purposes, its military application is mainly limited to reconnaissance, transport, and courier tasks.


Zlín Z–142 >>>

The Zlín Z–142 is a light training, practice, and touring aircraft produced by the Moravan aircraft factory in Otrokovice, Czech Republic. Besides training and education, it is suitable for sightseeing flights, aerial photography, filming, and allows enthusiasts of extreme flying to experience aerobatics. It is a popular participant in air shows and events.

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