Agricultural activity - spraying

Agricultural activity - spraying

Over the past years, based on our accumulated experience, we have developed our own innovative spraying system.
Photo credit: Gergely Ocsovai and Péter Kadarkuti

Introducing the service

The spraying frame has a span of 13.5 meters, suitable for dispensing quantities ranging from 30 liters/hectare to over 120 liters/hectare, with adjustable droplet size and density to ensure proper coverage and uniformity. The chemical pressure can be varied between 0.5 and 6.0 bar. For spraying, we use American RegloJet and TeeJet nozzles. We are equipped with ULV technology, BeeComist nozzles, with droplet sizes ranging from 40 to 200 microns.


The chemical tank inside the helicopter has a capacity of 800 liters. Filling the chemical is done with a 75 mm diameter, 20-meter-long fire hose, assisted by a pump (1300 liters/minute). With quick service, the ground time between two take-offs can be reduced to less than 1 minute. Upon request, we can provide equipment for mixing the chemicals.


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