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Is your crop susceptible to frost? Is the area prone to ground frost formation? Solution: Prevent frost damage with a helicopter!

In today's world, there is an increasing need to install and position equipment (e.g.,relay antennas, air conditioners) in locations that are inaccessible from the ground, often at heights of several tens of meters. These tasks can be most efficiently and precisely accomplished from the air, with the assistance of a helicopter.

Fertilization is carried out through a container suspended from the helicopter's bottom, with a width of 32 meters. The uniformity remains constant regardless of the quantity applied, making it suitable even for seed distribution.

Over the past years, based on our accumulated experience, we have developed our own innovative spraying system.
Photo credit: Gergely Ocsovai and Péter Kadarkuti

The large number of product and service advertisements has made the average
person almost immune to them in everyday life. To overcome this decrease in
attention, we offer reliable and successful advertising opportunities.

Corporate events, team-building activities. Looking for something truly special?

Biological control methods against mosquito larvae offer the most promising alternative to chemical insecticides. The significant advantage of using Bti-based products lies in their highly selective impact on certain dipteran larvae, especially those of biting midges.

Since the early '90s, we have been involved in aerial disaster management. Our main goal was to develop a new aerial technology for more effective and rapid extinguishing of hard-to-reach, large-scale fires. Within this framework, we patented a unique water dropping and firefighting device.

Our country is covered with extensive forests and national parks. The increasingly frequent disasters caused by fire or water, restoration tasks, thefts, and the unauthorized shooting of game animals cause serious financial damage to the owners.

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