Aerial advertising

Aerial advertising

The large number of product and service advertisements has made the average
person almost immune to them in everyday life. To overcome this decrease in
attention, we offer reliable and successful advertising opportunities.

Introducing the service

Some of the highlighted forms of aerial advertising include:


Advertising on construction nets has become quite trendy. By moving and strategically positioning these large surfaces over crowds, the impact is undeniable. Due to the characteristics of the special flag canvas material, we can fly surfaces of several hundred square meters. When creating the creative content, the only rule is that we can move square or 4:3 aspect ratio shapes, either portrait or landscape. Due to the flight characteristics, we exclusively produce our giant canvases with a subcontractor, as each canvas needs separate approval from aviation authorities, allowing us to use only canvases manufactured specifically for this purpose.


We can lift balloons much larger than usual, such as a 30-meter tall beer bottle or a sphere of the same diameter, or any custom shape, high above the audience. Another excellent option is to illuminate the balloons from the inside during the evening hours, creating a spectacular flying advertising surface unlike anything seen before. Before creating the creative content, we need to coordinate because during the execution, we must consider certain aerodynamic aspects and precisely determine the attachment points. We exclusively produce our giant balloons with a subcontractor, as each balloon needs separate approval from aviation authorities.


Any product that falls slowly from a high altitude and has a soft surface is suitable for dropping or spreading from the helicopter. Due to the helicopter's flight characteristics, the spreading location can be precisely positioned, even while in flight. Possibilities include the spreading of ping-pong balls, inflated beach balls, balloons, swim rings, sponges, Styrofoam, and other advertising tools that meet safety regulations. For example, during the summer months, thousands of branded beach balls can be a literal "hit" on the shores of Lake Balaton.


Tailored to our clients' specific campaigns, we offer unique solutions. We undertake aerial demonstrations and extreme flying advertisements. Our services can be provided throughout the entire country, regardless of location.

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