Zlín Z–142 airplane


The Zlín Z–142 is a light training, practice, and touring aircraft manufactured by the Moravan aircraft factory based in Otrokovice, Czech Republic. In addition to training and education, it is suitable for sightseeing flights, aerial photography, filming, and allows enthusiasts of extreme flying to experience aerobatics. It is a popular participant in air shows and events.


Crew: 1 person
Length: 7,07 meters
Wingspan: 9,11 meters
Height: 2,69 meters
Wing Area: 13,152 m2
Empty Weight: 645 kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 970 kg (normal) / 920 kg (aerobatic)
Engine: Walter M137A 6-cylinder inverted air-cooled in-line piston engine
Engine Takeoff Power: 132 kW (180 HP)
Maximum Speed: 226 km/h
Range: 530 km


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