Our pilots

Lajos Imreh

Chief Pilot, Chief Executive Officer
Number of hours flown: 18700
Imreh Lajos, known as "Lujó," serves as the Chief Pilot and Chief Executive Officer of HELIFORCE, gracefully maneuvering the MI2 helicopter in ways that defy the laws of physics. Together, they orchestrate performances that captivate and amaze.

Bence Imreh

Agricultural Mechanical Engineer, Business Development, Strategic Management
As a 'flying family' member, aviation, especially agricultural flying, has been a part of my life since childhood. I developed a love for flying here, and thanks to this, I started gliding at the Farkashegy Airport when I was 18.

Our team

dr. Viktória Zakkar

Communication, Marketing, Events
Although I graduated as a lawyer, it became apparent to me quite early on that I am too dynamic to stay on that career path. I pursued a spokesperson and press officer training at ELTE’s Career Center, and that's where my heart was permanently captured by this field.

László Medgyes

Operations manager (locomotive smoke for jet fuel)
I can proudly declare that as a transportation engineer, aviation has always been close to my heart. However, in reality, this closeness was limited to living on the same floor in the dormitory with students majoring in air traffic control...

Jenő Nagy "Zsenya"

Meet the forever entertainer of HeliForce, without whom there is no HeliForce demonstration.
Meet the forever entertainer of HeliForce, without whom there is no HeliForce

Attila Illés

Technical Support
In my main job, I work as a bodywork locksmith, and at HeliForce, I handle the
ground support for the pilot and the helicopter. These mainly involve additional tasks arising during passenger flights and demonstration flights.

János Baróczi

Electrical Engineer
I have been working with the HeliForce team for 4 years, and my interest in aviation and electronics dates back to my childhood. As an electrical engineer with over 20 years of experience, I specialize in electronic research and development.

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