Forgószárny Ltd. was founded in 1989 with an exclusively Hungarian ownership background and specializes in the provision of aviation services. In the almost 35 years since its foundation, we have gained considerable experience and expertise in the fields of cargo lifting, agricultural activities and disaster management. 

We are most proud of the unique and innovative technical developments we have developed, seeking and finding solutions to problems that affect a wide range of the agricultural sector.

Our air vehicle is a MIL MI-2 HELICOPTER - which, in addition to general use, can also be used in special cases where extreme conditions preclude other methods of disaster management, allowing us to effectively assist in the control of a forest fire or flood. 

In addition to these services, we have been a regular guest at national and international airshows for decades and offer unforgettable experiences to the general public who are open to special events. In addition to our extreme helicopter passenger flights, we are the only company in Europe to organise helicopter bungee jumping with the world's longest HeliBungee rope, as well as airport team building and other events for up to several hundred people.




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Our history, from the beginning to the present day;

Before the 1990s, there were basically three places in Hungary where you could fly professionally. I decided to start my own business in 1989. It was not an easy task, and of course it is not easy now, which is why I am very proud that we have been operating for almost 35 years and with a growing team.

It was indeed a big task to become self-employed, as I had to sell our services and manage the operation, but I managed to do that and we are now qualified to carry out even the major repairs. In the meantime, we had to keep our focus on the market, on what new services were needed and how we could meet those needs in order to operate efficiently and effectively.

Our company is called Forgószárny Kft., but in the aviation community - and I think in the business community as well - we are better known as HeliForce. This name became necessary when we started to do demonstrations and agricultural work abroad. At first we did this with Kamov (Ka-26), Dromader (PZL-Mielec M-18) and Turbo Chmelak (Zlin Z-37). At that time, we worked with piston and non-gas turbine powered machines. I was the first to import the first fixed-wing agricultural aircraft as a Mashreq at that time, it was the Turbo Cmelak. It was a very risky business at the time, whether we could make a profit. We also modified this one, which was, for example, completely new, so that I could jump parachutists out of it. There was no such application on the factory machine. We also made it suitable for aerial photography. These were all major development work.

Then we started to work with Tibor Dobson and the emergency services, and we developed a very serious and long-lasting relationship. We were also involved in aerial firefighting, but the fixed-wing aircraft were not so well suited for that, as the target area was often quite far from the nearest airport where you could land. So we started to use helicopters for fire-fighting, but the Kamov was not suitable for that, so I had to change to a different type, among other reasons. It was during one of our visits to Slovakia that the possibility of an MI-2 first came up, but I was passionate about the Kamov - I still think of it with the same heart - but I was not convinced that the MI-2 would be suitable for the tasks we were doing.

But we just got on with it, and after 30 years, I have to admit that it is very well suited!

Of course, both in terms of the rep technology and the interior design, we had to change a lot of things on MI2 as well. Fertiliser spreading, for example, is now carried out from a suspended container on a rope. For spraying, we have developed a unique spraying frame.

We have also developed specific solutions to prevent frost/ice damage, which have since worked very well and have therefore all been patented.

In the field of aerial fire-fighting, a completely unique and still unique solution has been developed, the so-called internal tank aerial fire-fighting system. "Unfortunately", this has been of great use in many cases. I am thinking here of the great flood in Serbia, where we saved lives, or the flood of 13 in Hungary, with its many forest fires. The forest fire in Bugac, where more than a thousand hectares of forest burned, was an incredible challenge. Fortunately, we managed it, we did nearly 100 water drops during the night hours, it was very efficient work. To my knowledge, night firefighting has been a curiosity ever since.

Having lived through these disasters, it is a great feeling that we were able to help in the rescue. Among the firefighters, I have met exceptional people. These are very moving things, and they all inspire us to keep thinking and working together to find solutions to these situations.

It was all very serious technical and development work. Fortunately, this world has not been far away from us, because I work with a fantastic team of people with whom we have been able to work together to realise my dreams and keep improving.

Together, we have achieved that, basically, at this moment, I can fly a helicopter that is a very good machine in terms of agricultural performance and usability. It is very reliable and at the same time it can serve the purposes of demonstration flying or sport flying.

We also fitted it with pyrotechnics, a smoking device - which, contrary to belief, is not dangerous to humans or animals, nor to plants - which was also a novelty on helicopters and has not been seen in many places since.

What motivates you to keep coming up with more and more hair-raising ideas?
My terrible nature! :)

All joking aside, in order to not only do classic passenger flights, but also to offer special entertainment to our guests, such as extreme helicopter rides and bungee jumping from helicopters, requires a very high level of technical skill, on my part and on the part of the team. It involves a million very small steps, a lot of theoretical knowledge, and adaptation to this type of bungee, because every machine flies differently and can do different things. How well I am prepared to produce something in terms of quality and safety that does not pose a risk to those for whom I want to show something as an experience is more important than anything else.

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