Helibungee - Bungee Jumping from a helicopter

Helibungee - Bungee Jumping from a helicopter

Service fee: 399.980.- HUF / person
Duration: 1 hour

Are you an adrenaline enthusiast? Have you tried every extreme sport opportunity? You're in the right place! We offer a unique service in Europe, named Helibungee, which involves bungee jumping from a helicopter.

Introducing the service

What do we offer? A jump from a helicopter at an altitude of 600 meters, with a rope of ~110 meters! You can be sure that adrenaline will skyrocket even during the helicopter ascent, and once the jumping height is reached, only a step separates you from the 10 seconds of free fall!


Our jumpers are secured to the rope with a body harness that meets the highest safety requirements, so during the "swing" period, they can admire the stunning panorama in an "upright" body position rather than head-down.


Like any technical sport, helibungee has certain requirements that adventurous participants must meet. The two most important ones are a suitable health condition and a maximum body weight of 100 kg.


Gallery: Helibungee - Bungee Jumping from a helicopter

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